The Membership Program for Coaches, Consultants, and Service-based Professionals who want to build a successful business while launch and grow their podcast so they can make a much bigger impact in the world with their message


You’re ready to take what you’re doing to the next level!

To do that you need to build a strong online presence that’s distinguishable, uncopyable AND irresistible, and compelling programs that position you as THE choice vs just ‘a’ choice with your ideal clients.

And, while you love working for yourself, at times you feel isolated. You long to be part of an empowered community of liked-minded people who 'get you' where you feel valued and supported, and can be that support for others, too!


We have an extensive library of trainings that have been strategically sequenced to ensure you begin working on the RIGHT foundations first in order to build the momentum you need to grow your business. These include:


The Influence Alliance Success Path

Find out why the best thought-out strategy and tactic may be the WRONG thing for YOUR business.

Why? Right strategy. Wrong timing. Or wrong for your business model.

Find out about the five stages of our Influence Alliance Success Path and what you should be focusing on each stage to take your business to the next level.

You’ll also learn about the 3 Stages of Business Growth too, so you’ll determine where you’re at in your business and what to focus on first.

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Are You Distiguishable, Uncopyable & Irresistible Quiz?

How can you tell if your message (and you) are distinguishable? 

Do a Self-Audit with our ‘Are you Distinguishable, Uncopyable & Irresistible’ Quiz. 

Find out what you must have in place, where the gaps are, and what YOU specifically need to focus on in order to become a Category of One, with your message so clear it Speaks to an Audience of One, is uncopyable, and positions YOU as a Trusted Authority in your field.

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7 Personal Branding Principles to become Distinguishable, Uncopyable & Irresistible

In a crowded industry and struggling to stand out?

Find out the 7 Personal Branding Principles that’ll help you become Distinguishable, Uncopyable AND Irresistible for YOUR ideal client, so YOU are the person they turn to when they’re ready to begin working on a solution for their challenge.

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Core Business Foundation 1: Your Lucrative Niche

Identify your Lucrative Niche for Rapid Business Growth

Think that offering your services ‘to the world’ will increase your chances of building a successful business? This couldn’t be further from the truth.

To build a successful business while build your reputation as an influential voice in your field, you MUST identify a niche.

By getting clear on your niche, you will:

• Have a highly targeted message that continues to speak directly to the needs of your ideal client to maximize awareness of you and your services.

 Rapidly build your database/list of prospects through sending out a powerful and influential marketing message relevant to your ideal clients needs.

• Turn prospects into customers far more easily through having a highly targeted, relevant and irresistible message that your ideal client will LOVE and want more of.

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Core Business Foundation 2: Your Signature Brand

Identify your Rich and Authentic Signature Brand that Magnetically Attracts Attention, Opportunities and High-Paying Clients

Want to capture the spirit, personality and passion of you and what you do so you can explain it in a way your ideal client can’t help but want to find out more about you? You can – by discovering your Signature Brand Archetypes.

Thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide have used this proven system to brand their Inner Brilliance to create multiple 6-figure (or more) businesses. Now it’s YOUR turn to be instantly recognized as a ‘go to’ person in your industry with the help of your Signature Brand!

Even if you already have a brand, the Branding With Archetypes™ System will reveal vital tweaks that can dramatically boost your sales and results. Best of all, the process is easy and FUN! 

Identify your Branding Archetype to:

• Unlock your powerful, authentic personality and Inner Brilliance to create an instantly recognizable presence that is a client attraction and opportunity magnet.

• Create the heart and soul of your brand so you become irresistible to your ideal clients so they feel compelled to invest in you and your services.

• Identify the specific words to use in your marketing to attract and influence the people YOU want to work with, while dispel people who aren’t your ideal client.

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Core Business Foundation 3: Your Signature System

Rise Quickly to Specialist Status With Your Unique Proven Profitable System That Ideal Clients Will LOVE!

Create your own powerful and value-added Signature System to finally be able to charge what you’re worth and GET IT!

Capture “what you do” into a Signature System that your ideal clients will LOVE and want to invest in!

• Boost your credibility as an authority in your field FAST;

• Fill your workshops, webinars, courses and programs far more quickly too with your unique Signature System because clients can’t wait to learn more about it to help them solve their challenges, one and for all.

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Core Business Foundation 4: Your Signature Programs

Package your Expertise into a range of profitable programs that your ideal clients will love and want to invest in.

Hone in on the most profitable and streamlined way to package and deliver your expertise. In fact, clients have doubled (and even tripled) their business within months after creating a range of value-packaged programs, and you can too.

• These simple yet powerful steps will guide you in organizing your ideas into a simple, streamlined set of offers, so that you know exactly what you can offer and what you’ll say during a sales conversation with a prospective customer.

• Solve the #1 complaint of most business owners: Overwhelm. No longer be confused about too many choices and not enough time, and lack of clarity around what you want to offer, when and in what order.

• Learn what you should be working on first in order to generate income for your business. Note: many entrepreneurs work on the wrong element first, which is why they struggle to get paid what they’re worth!

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Core Business Foundation 5: Your Digital Assets

Your “Irresistible Signature Giveaway” for Rapid List Building & Hot Leads:

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ‘the money is in your list’! Your Irresistible Signature Giveaway is designed to build your list by compelling prospects to learn more from you and the brilliance/results you offer. This must-do strategy will help you start attracting and building your list of ideal clients.

Build credibility as the ‘go-to’ authority in your niche as you showcase your expertise.

• Continue to grow your list of prospective clients by compelling them to access your free offer so they can learn more from you.

• Nurture key ‘know, like and trust’ factors with your prospective clients, increasing the likelihood of them saying ‘Yes’ when you eventually share more about your programs/offerings.

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7 Podcasting Principles to build your Reputation, Reach and Revenue with a Podcast

Have a podcast that’s not generating the results you’d hoped for? You’ve published numerous episodes, yet still not seen as a Trusted Authority, nor are you generating leads and other opportunities from your podcast?

Get started with our Core Training to help you pinpoint what you need to focus on in order to create a podcast that cuts through the noise, builds your reputation, your reach (with your ideal client), as well as your revenue, as you build the foundations you need to successfully and strategically begin to monetize YOUR message.

I created a video a while ago with the following message:

“The GOOD news is – it’s EASY for anyone to start a podcast.

Grab your phone, press record, upload it to a podcast app, and you’re all set.

The BAD news is – it’s EASY for anyone to start a podcast.

Grab your phone, press record, upload to to a podcast app, and you’re all set.

”While it is easy to start a podcast – if your goal is to build your reputation as a trusted authority, your reach with your ideal client, while set up robust podcast strategy that’ll enable you to nurture listeners into leads, enquiries and ultimately customers – your message and strategy is key!

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Are You Ready To Launch Your Thought Leader Podcast Quiz

Before you launch your podcast, make sure you have all five key pillars in place to ensure you get the BEST outcome from the very first episode.

And, if you’ve launched your podcast already (and not getting the results you’d hoped for) then use the Quiz to pinpoint the gaps and what you need to work on!

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Podcast Foundation Modules: Setting Yourself Up For Success

How do you ensure you position yourself in the best possible way in terms of building your reach (with your ideal client, your reputation (as a Trusted Authority), and your revenue - being able to nurture listeners into leads, enquiries and ultimately paying customers? You start with the END IN MIND. These modules are all focused on helping YOU get clear on your end in mind with both your message and monetization strategies.And, it starts right here...

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The Podcast Positioning Quadrant & 3 Profit Models


Want to position yourself as a Trusted Authority in your industry with a podcast, while build a highly engaged community of your ideal clients? It starts with the Podcast Positioning Quadrant.

The Podcast Positioning Quadrant

Introducing five components that’ll help you continue to build a highly engaged community of your ideal clients, position yourself as a Trusted Authority, while begin to see how strategic collaborations can pave the way to ongoing lucrative, win-win opportunities.

The 3 Podcast Profit Models: Overview & The Formula

You’ve most likely heard me share my story about how my worst business failure has become a pivotal moment for me, because it led me down the path to where I am today. It was after this ‘failure’, I started Women In Leadership Podcast to help me deal with my loss, however after 3 episodes I ‘accidentally’ got two 4-figure clients.A few years later I thought – could I retrace these steps and recreate them intentionally and show others? Key principles, a book and program, later – Podcasting With Purpose was born, along with these three Podcast Models.

The Framework

Introducing the Podcast Framework – the Strategy for Coaches and/or Consultants.

The Funnel (Pipeline)

The Process for Coaches and/or Consultants and how to leverage your podcast to build awareness and begin to nurture listeners into leads, enquiries and ultimately paying customers from your very first episode.

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Your Unique & Uncopyable Message & Brand

Defining Your Thought Leadership

Get clear on the area(s) in which you want to continue building your thought leadership – even if you are a multi-passionate entrepreneur who is struggling to define your unique message into one succinct and powerful statement.

The Distinction Triad: U [You!]

This is the model I developed after observing one of my former executive clients over several years in my career consultancy. It became apparent that the reason for her impressive successes and achievements was because of three things. Understand what they are and how you can leverage them to become distinguishable, uncopyable and irresistible – THE choice vs just A choice with your ideal client. 

Your Signature Brand Archetypes

Use the same Branding With Archetypes System I’ve used with entrepreneurs to build their Signature Brands and who have gone on to double, triple or even quadruple their results.

The Branding With Archetypes System will enable you to capture the heart and soul, the personality and passion of you and what you do so your ‘Ideal Listener’ (i.e. Ideal Client) will want to subscribe to and listen to your show again and again.

[Note: Clients often comment that the price of the course alone is in the value they have received from the Branding With Archetypes process. It’s THAT good!]Note: Even if you already have a brand, the Branding With Archetypes System will help you create an irresistible and instantly recognisable presence, while enable you to create your. distinguishable, uncopyable and irresistible brand and message so you become THE choice vs just A choice when your ideal client is ready to move forward. 

Naming Your Podcast

What’s in a name – when it comes to your podcast? Everything! From your podcast being found in Google (when someone searches for a keyword/phrase that is in your podcast name), a promise a value in the outcome and information a potential listener can gain from your podcast, to positioning you and your message as an authority, right through to creating an asset that has the potential to be sold.

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Your Best Monetization Strategy

Learn about the 6 Monetization Strategies – specifically for Coaches and/or Consultants where you can begin to best position your podcast to monetize YOUR message, including:

  • How to build Brand Awareness and Authority – the right way;

  • How to build your list with your ideal client – so you can continue to nurture ‘know, like and trust’ and get a steady stream of enquiries and bookings 24/7, 365 days/year;

  • How to build relationships with guests – for win-win collaborations and other visibility-building opportunities;

  • How to build direct business with guests (and I’m NOT talking about pitching them after your interview) but rather what needs to be in place so they ask YOU how they can work with/hire you;

  • How to build Internal Sponsorships to continue building brand awareness of your programs and offerings – without being salesy;

  • How to build External Sponsorships; that won’t break rapport and turn your audience off because they feel ‘sold to’.

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Your 3-part Thought Leader Podcast Series

The (often) missing piece for Coaches and/or Coaches from getting getting people OFF their podcast and onto their list. However, not you! This module will help you set up your own Thought Leader Podcast tactic so you can begin nurturing listeners into leads from your very first episode.Or, if you have an existing podcast that isn’t generating results – you can create and launch your Podcast Series along with our other suggested podcast rebrand initiatives so you can begin to nurture listeners into leads.

Case Study 1: Iidl Racz’s 3-part Thought Leader Podcast Series

Valuable behind-the-scenes training as Annemarie works with Ildi to create her thought leader podcast series as part of her Podcast Profit Pipeline. Watch these rich lessons and implement into your own thought leader podcast series.

Case Study 2: Cheri Toledo Mapping Out 3-part Podcast Series Topic Framework

Another valuable behind-the-scenes training as Annemarie works with Cheri to help her map out her Podcast Series Topic Framework.

Additional Case Studies:

Get access to behind-the-scenes case studies for another three of Annemarie’s clients as well as a breakdown of the various stages of storytelling and strategy required to put together a compelling episode that educates, engages and entices your ideal client to take the next step.

Create Your Own 3-part Thought Leader Podcast Series List Building tactic:

Map out your own Thought Leader Podcast Series (as part of your Irresistible Signature Giveaway to get people off your podcast and onto your list and nurture funnel), step-by-step, along with suggested topics and structure (so you can add in your information into the content suggestions) so you can record and publish your special podcast series that’ll enable you to begin nurturing listeners into leads from your very first episode.

Thought Leader Podcast Series Follow Up Nurturing Email Sequence

Struggle to write compelling emails that will continue to support you in nurturing and building your relationship with your new lead? Access Annemarie’s email script along with a clear description of the various stages in each email, and explanations so you can create your own powerful follow up email sequence.

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Core Program Modules

Module 1-2: Branding of Your and Your Podcast

As you are guided by your Signature Brand Archetypes (from the Foundation Modules – Your Distinguishable & Uncopyable Brand & Message) the next step is to gain a clear idea of how your podcast will be focused, unique and distinguishable and aligned with your niche and business focus. This will allow you to capture the essence of you – your charisma along with what you stand for so your podcast will stand out from the crowd and continue to position you as an influential voice in your industry.

Here’s what you’ll work on in these two modules:


The Unique Brand of YOU | Podcast Title | Podcast Description Podcast Keywords and Phrases | Podcast Host Bio | Podcast Intro Script | Podcast Outro Script.


  • Select the music with the right tone and tempo as well as the right voice over professional that is aligned with your brand and supports the experience you want to create for your audience.

  • Cost effective music and voice over professionals tools and resources.

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Module 3: Define Your Ideal Listener (and Future Client) and Guest

CAPTURE AND MAINTAIN A GROWING AUDIENCE of your ideal listeners (clients) by defining who he/she is so you can continue to share andshowcase relevant topics and information and strategies that he/she will love and want to learn more about.

Learn how to connect, engage with, and keep yourself top-of-mind in order to create know, like and trust much faster as he/she can sense you understand their issues/challenges and what they are looking for.

How? By creating your Ideal Listener Psychographic & Archetypal Profile through the power of the Branding With Archetypes System. Your Ideal Listener Psychographic & Archetypal Profile will identify words, qualities and key phrases that can be sprinkled throughout each of your shows, your marketing messages and other information you share with your audience to ensure you consistently attract and influence ONLY the people YOU want to work with.

Define who your ideal guest is so you can seek, invite and nurture relationships with people and businesses that can lead to further business opportunities.

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Module 4: Structure and Formatting of Your Podcast

SELECT ONE OF THE VARIOUS PLUG-AND-GO TEMPLATES OF THE BEST STRUCTURES that suits your style and preference whether you’re sharing inspiring information on your own, or whether you are interviewing a guest or multiple guests. Each Plug-And-Go Template includes critical sections that enables you to showcase your expertise, engage and deepen your relationship with your audience, while continue to build and fill your funnel with ideal clients.

Harness my POWERFUL 4-STEP CONNECTION PROCESS to present your information in a strategic format so you can instantly engage and maintain your audiences attention, no matter what their communication preference. Even the most sceptical people will instantly be intrigued with your podcast when you use the 4-Step Connection Process.

LEARN and INCORPORATE KEY SEED AND LEAD STRATEGIES so you continue to build desire of your audience to want to work with YOU.

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Module 5: Streamlined Systems to Find, Schedule, and Prepare Guests

Leverage streamlined introduction and scheduling templates to prepare your guest and enable you to capture the RIGHT information so you can create a stellar show in under 15 minutes, without having to do hours and hours of preparation beforehand.

Many of my guests have commented how professional our process was, how supported they felt throughout the entire process, and how well prepared they were when we finally got to record their interview. A well-prepared guest is important if you want to create a stellar show.

And, every experience you create for your guest, speaks your brand and your guest may very well be a future JV, or alliance partner. Plus, the more prepared YOU are will positively impact the way you show up as the host and interviewer! Eliminate those NERVES!

Access Templates & Scheduling Resources that you can rebrand, tweak and use immediately, without having to reinvent the wheel! This will literally save you HOURS (and HOURS!)

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Module 6: Setting the Stage: Powerful Interviewing Techniques

POWERFUL TECHNIQUES to instantly engage and maintain your audience’s attention, no matter what their communication preference.This training will help you:

Calm your nerves and boost your confidence before each interview.

Build momentum, even with a nervous guest through showing you subtle, yet powerful interview techniques.Learn how to manage even the most difficult of guests.

Leverage introduction techniques that’ll ‘wow’ your guest, engage your audience from the ‘get-go’, and will set the stage for an awesome show.

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Module 7: Recording, Mixing, and Editing Technologies

ESSENTIAL EQUIPMENT AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES step-by-step videos showing you how to record edit, mix and produce great sounding podcasts that your audience will want to listen to. NOTE: I wanted to keep the videos simple and easy to follow. You will NOT have to become a sound engineer in order to make sense of the training. Some of the videos and resources include:

– Audio Editing & Mixing Software

– ID3 Tagging: The Why, What and How

– How to mix in background music

– How to record in Audacity

– How to record a guest (whether you’re on a Mac or PC)

– Selecting the right audio host, and much more

GET YOUR PODCAST ON Apple Podcasts (iTunes) a step-by-step video to show you how. Remember, technology is NOT what you should be stressing about. We’ll show you the simple steps of getting your audio sounding GREAT and out into the world so you can continue to impact the lives of others! a step-by-step video to show you how.

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Your List-Building, Lead Generation and Launch Strategy Module

Module 8: Momentum-Building Marketing

SOLID VISIBILITY STRATEGIES TO continuously be recognised as an influential voice in your industry, while attract a growing loyal audience of raving fans, potential customers and business opportunities.

Find out the tools my team and I are using as well as the ways we’re marketing each of our podcast episodes to build momentum, visibility and reach.

Create a solid do-able action plan showing you how to integrate and leverage your podcast into your business model;Key marketing strategies to continue building exposure for you and your podcast. Publishing your podcast is not enough.

A solid strategy that will enable consistent marketing of your podcast is key! This training will show you how.

Plus, access our 90-Day Podcast Series and Podcast Launch & List-Building Plan along with our 90-Day Podcast Launch Calendar so you know exactly what to do step-by-step as you build the momentum you need to ensure your launch is a success, while even begin to build your list of ideal clients BEFORE you publish your show.

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Clarifying Your Vision, Mission & 12 Month Strategic Plan

Set yourself up for success to ensure this year is your BEST ever, by learning:

> Why typical Business Plans don’t work

> What a Strategic Plan is> Defining your Vision and Mission

> Completing your own Strategic Plan

> BONUS: Quarterly Goals Template

> BONUS: 30 Day Bold Goal Template

> EXAMPLE Strategic Plan

> EXAMPLE Quarterly Goals

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Crucial Conversations Change Makers & Aspiring Thought Leaders MUST Have in Their Business That Leads to Enquiries & Sales

Now that your strategic Networking Plan is working and people are intrigued about your work and want to find out more – THIS process is the next step: Crucial Conversations.


> The Four Conversations to incorporate into your business meetings

> The significance and importance of each of these conversations

> How to determine which of the four conversations to use with your new contact and when

> The tools I use to streamline the entire meeting process from booking right through to conducting each meeting

> Suggested process and key questions to ask within each of the Four Conversations – step by step so you can create your own! 

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Social Media on Steroids for Change Makers

Following on from our 12-Month Marketing Calendar Masterclass – Social Media is no doubt one of the aspects you’ve included in your Brand Communications Wheel.

To ensure your Social Media efforts generates the best ROI, learn:

> The Foundations you must be clear on and have in place (NOTE: Many of these Foundations we have already covered in our Masterclasses)

> Your Social Media & Content Creation Strategic Plan – an Example and template to create your own

> My 5-Step Strategy and what’s working

> A Hashtag Strategy and examples

> Direct Message [DM] Strategy and Scripts/Examples

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Your 12 Month Marketing Calendar That'll Cut Through the Noise

Cut through the noise and be seen and heard as a sought-after Authority in your field by YOUR ideal client, by learning:

> The ONE thing you MUST be totally clear on (which most business aren’t and the reason why their marketing efforts often fail)

> Mapping out your Brand Communications Wheel

> Selecting the RIGHT Content Themes to build your Thought Leadership

> Putting your Marketing Plan Together: The Tips, Tools and Tactics

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Powerful Enrolment / Sales Conversations

Now that your Crucial Conversations are working and people are interested to find out how THEY can work with you – you’ll need to be able to confidently conduct your sales conversations.Not confident in selling?

This Masterclass will help you, as you learn:

> Why you’ll continue to struggle with sales if you don’t address this first

> The role of the Sales Conversation (which may surprise you)

> Creating Desire and Need throughout the Customers Journey, because everything that happens BEFORE the sales conversation – matters

> How to overcome typical objections including: “I need to think about it.” “It’s not the right time.” “I can’t afford it.” So that the best outcome is achieved for both you and your ideal client.  

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Writing Rich Content That Client (and Google) LOVE and Positions You as a Thought Leader

Struggling to come up with content you can be confident that your ideal client is searching for and wants to learn more about? While continues to position you as a sought-after authority?


> What constitutes RICH content

> The steps to define your Thought Leader Content Pillars

> A tool that’ll enable you to get inside the head of your ideal client as well as come up with a myriad of topics he/she is searching for

> A key writing strategy that most people have never heard of, which is often one of the reasons why their content misses the mark

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Build Visibility with Podcast Interviews

Our Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network has received literally thousands of Expressions of Interest from potential guests over the years. Some which have captured our attention in a positive way, and others, that did not!Being a guest on podcasts is another element you may have included in your Brand Communications Wheel, BUT, again as an aspiring Thought Leader you should avoid getting on ‘any’ podcast, but rather the RIGHT podcast to help you build your reputation as an Authority is what you need to focus on.


> The real benefits of being a Podcast Guest (with many of these missed and misunderstood and why you may be leaving opportunity on the table)

> The importance of Research, as well as WHAT you need to Research to ensure you’re selecting the RIGHT podcast to approach

> Positioning your Pitch: The Do’s and Don’t’s; Example Pitch; and accompanying email to ensure your pitch STANDS OUT from the hundreds (if not thousands) of pitches being sent.

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Your Networking Plan that Turns Connections into Conversations

Create a strategic Networking Plan so you can turn connections into conversations that’ll lead to opportunities and ultimately paying clients.


> The ONE thing you MUST start with when it comes to Networking success

> Ice Breakers vs Deal Breakers

> Understanding the four ‘Networking Persona’s’ and how NOT to turn people off

> The Art of Influential Communication

> A powerful and compelling Introduction Formula

> The 3-pronged Networking System that’ll enable you to turn connections into conversations – easily and strategically

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Create Your Thought Leader List Building Nurturing Funnel

With only a small percentage of your ideal clients ready to make an immediate purchase it’s vital to have a list building (lead generating) and nurturing process in place.

Setup your very own list building nurturing funnel that works for you 24/7, 365 days a year, with potential customers ready to find out more about how they can work with you being able to book in with you to find out more, with a streamlined and automated process.


> The Core Business Foundations (which are often missing) you must have in place to ensure you generate the best outcome

> Tools and Technologies you need to have in place

> Example: My List Building & Nurturing Funnel Explained

> Crucial Follow Up nurturing emails

> Additional powerful relationship building tools and assets 

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Speaking to Grow Your Business

Speaking on stage (whether virtual or in-person) should be one of the elements you include in your Brand Communications Wheel.

However, as an aspiring Thought Leader, there are things you need to be aware of, which are covered in this Masterclass, including:

> The #1 mistake that can cost you thousands (if not tens of thousands) of dollars in new business when it comes to your speaking strategy

> Defining your Thought Leader topic(s)Your Signature Talk; what it is and why it’s so important

> Example layout of a Signature Talk

> Create your own Signature Talk, step-by-step

> Pre-Speaking Checklist: 3 key things you must consider before you say ‘Yes’ to your next speaking invitation. [Note: As an aspiring Thought Leader you should NOT say ‘yes’ to ALL speaking opportunties. This Checklist helps you pinpoint those opportunities you should say Yes to, and those you should say No to.]

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Meet the Founder of The Influence Alliance

Annemarie Cross is the Founder of The Influence Alliance.

She is a Personal Branding & Podcast Strategist and Business Coach, and is also the CEO/Founder of Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network and Industry Thought Leader Academy, and author of Industry Thought Leader: From Invisible to Influential (and Profitable) with a Podcast.

Dubbed ‘The Podcasting Queen,’ she is an award-winning podcast host and is recognized as a pioneer in the podcasting space having started her first co-hosted podcast in 2008. Her podcasts have been syndicated on both National and International Radio and listed among the top podcasts for Entrepreneurs and small business worldwide.

Previously cited as one of the Top 20 Business Coaches in Melbourne – Australia, Annemarie works with consultants and coaches around the world helping them create distinguishable, uncopyable, and irresistible brands so they’re seen as not just A choice – but THE choice with their ideal clients.

What is The Influence Alliance?

The Influence Alliance is a business building community for Change Makers, including coaches, consultants and practitioner’s – service-based businesses. It’s a monthly membership and has ongoing trainings to help members build a profitable and scalable business.

Do I Need to Have a Podcast to be Eligible to Join?

No, you do not have to have (nor even have the desire to have) a podcast to be eligible to join. All of the trainings are relevant to you too in supporting your business growth, while leveraging multiple other ways (besides a podcast) to help you build your reach and visibility.

I want to start a podcast - can The Influence Alliance help?

Yes! We have our Podcast Platform training and our comprehensive ‘Idea to Launch’ Your Podcast Training specifically for coaches and consultants, step-by-step.

I have a podcast but it's not getting the downloads/results I want. Can The Influence Alliance help?

Yes!! While there may be a number of different factors that could be limiting the growth of your podcast – our ‘Idea to Launch’ Your Podcast Training – Foundations Modules, which focuses on your unique and uncopyable message and your monetization strategy is a great place to start. However, we’ll help you determine what you need to focus on first, once you’re inside The Influence Alliance online training hub and in our community! 

I have no desire to start a podcast - can I still join?

Yes! As mentioned in the previous response, there are various trainings which are highly relevant to you too, as we teach you how to leverage multiple other ways in order to build your reach and visibility.

I'm in another membership group: Why should I join The Influence Alliance?

I’m in several membership programs, too.

In fact, I love them. Because each membership offers me unique insights to help me grow myself (as the leader of my business) and my business, itself.

I believe, The Influence Alliance brings something quite unique in the marketplace.

Specifically the ability to tap into decades of experience and expertise in personal branding, online marketing, mindset and podcasting.

Alongside drawing on our business partners, which includes our media arm: The Ambitious Podcast Network and our Podcast Training Arm: Podcasting With Purpose – that’s a solid and unique combination of expertise we can leverage and draw upon, to benefit YOU.

What does the membership include?

As long as your membership remains current, you can gain access to all of the Core Trainings, Core Business Foundations Training, Masterclasses, Tools & Templates and Behind-The-Scenes trainings etc on our online hub, as well as access to the Private Members-only Facebook Group.

What happens after I join?

You will get immediate access to all of the Masterclasses on our online hub.Once you have logged in to the online hub, you’ll see instructions on how to request access to our private members-only Facebook Group.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

The Influence Alliance is committed to creating an environment where you will want to STAY because of what you are learning and because of the connections you are making and collaborations you are forming by being part of a global community that cares about YOU and the success of your business.

However, if for some reason you wish to relinquish your membership, get in touch with our team at least 7 days prior to your next charge.

Note: If you have paid in full for the entire year, if you choose to cancel, monies will not be refunded.

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