Breakthrough Your Money Dramas

You're not alone!

Coaches and Consultants - just like you, continue to struggle with the same issues around money.

In fact, there are many coaches and consultants who are repeating the same money habits their parents did, and/or they're experiencing the exact same money challenges as their parents did. Or, they've vowed never to be like their parents - yet no matter how hard they try, they just can't free themselves from money dramas that continue to show up in their business and lives. Can you relate?

Wonder if there's a way to solve your money problems - once and for all?
There IS!

One of the first steps towards breaking through your money dramas is to change your thoughts and attitudes towards money. Why? Because it's hard to attract new clients and have money flowing into your business, if you're still carrying around any old beliefs and unhelpful attitudes about money.

Beliefs and attitudes, like:

Often, our beliefs are so deeply embedded into our subconscious that we're not even aware of them. The programming around money that you developed in your childhood (often without you even realising it) continues to have a negative impact on you, in adulthood.

Until now...

Breakthrough Your Money Drama's Course is THE first step on your journey to more clients, income, and freedom...

Are you ready to release the programming, beliefs, and habits you have around money that are keeping you stuck from building a successful business?

Your Money Lessons:

In each module you'll receive a new Money Mindset Makeover Lesson to help you identify what's stopping you from making (and keeping) more money in your business. Each lesson is designed to help you think more about your subconscious attitudes towards money, so you can begin to clear away the things holding you back.

There are 8 Money Mindset Makeover Lessons, including:

Your Action Steps:

Your Actions Steps are powerful action steps to guide and support you in creating a healthy relationship with money. The carefully designed probing questions are designed to brig critical information to the surface to support you in breaking through your cycle of money challenges and dramas - once and for all.

Your Money Insights:

Amazing happens when you start to affirm your money insights and commit to taking the right actions. As you deepen and strengthen your learnings with these Money Insights exercises and actions step - your subconscious immediately gets to work on it!

Don’t Remain Your Industry's Best Kept Secret!

Begin Your Journey to Becoming an Influential Trusted Authority - THE choice, today!

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